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De Mantraa
Healthy Body, Beautiful Minds

Body Theraphy

Herbal Scrub Massage, Anti Pigmentation, Anti Aging, Aroma Oil Massage, Reflexology Massage,...

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Mind Theraphy

Mind Therapy is aimed at dealing with old unresolved issues that had remained in your subconscious mind.

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Soul Theraphy

Chakra Healing, Trans Generational Healing/ Constellations, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, Yoga & Meditation,...

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De Mantraa, your holistic healing centre. This is what exactly describes our approach when it comes to healing oneself. When we suffer by an ailment, it is not just our body that feels the pain. Along with it, our mind and soul too goes through the trauma. So how can we restrict healing to one single exclusive therapy. It has to be inclusive. What we mean by this is, treatment when administered has to have a combination of Mind, Body and Soul therapies. Only then will you realize and feel the meaning of healing. So welcome to an exciting journey towards discovering YOU…the De Mantraa way !

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